Using woodblock relief printing, screen printing, and digital means, this body of work explores the overlapping themes of reminiscence and memory through the use of imagery and symbols specific to childhood, place, nostalgia, growth and maturation.

Nostalgia and the fleetingness of time have always interested me. One of the most obvious motivations for these explorations of personal history was the birth of my, now four-year-old, son. He has grounded me in such a way that has encouraged me to reflect on my own childhood – my own boyhood – in the context of his own. Living vicariously through him evokes long forgotten thoughts of being a boy myself. There exists an enthusiasm in children that is innocent. My work seeks to revisit the zeal and ephemerality of that time, as described by my son in the following quote:

“My paradise would have candy, soccer and playgrounds – all the things that I like” – Max Niebauer, age 3

The following quote by German Romantic writer, Jean Paul Richter (1763-1825), encapsulates this body of print work:

“Our memories are the only paradise from which we can never be expelled.”


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